Changes That Will Help Your Car Increase Its Speed And Power

Posted on: 5 December 2014


You can soup up your older car so that it drives faster and feels more powerful to you when you are on the road. Some simple adjustments can make a big difference and give your car the kick that it has been lacking. Read below to learn about some options that will turn your sluggish sedan into an accelerated automobile. 

Install An Electric Fan

If your car has an older fan in it, chances are that it is operated solely by engine power. Modern engines contain electrical parts that allow a car to move faster. You do not have to change the used motor for a new one to gain a considerable amount of horsepower. Purchase an electric fan that is compatible with your car.

Remove the nuts and bolts that are connected to the existing fan with a wrench and socket. Unhook any wires that are connected to the water pump. Insert the new bolts that came with your kit. Mount the brackets to the radiator and connect the fan and wires. 

Purchase Some Performance Tires

Trade your standard tires in for some performance tires. These tires provide excellent traction in all types of weather. Many people find that they can operate their vehicle better and turn corners with ease after purchasing this type of tire. Because the sidewalls are stiffer, the tires have better contact with the road, especially when driving on windy roads that can be difficult to navigate. Because of the features that come with these tires, you may notice that your car accelerates quickly and is able to maintain its speed. 

Install A Dual Exhaust System

Dual exhaust is a system that carries exhaust from your engine to outside of your car. When you choose to have a system like this installed there will be two pipes instead of one. The dual exhaust system will help your engine run more efficiently, assisting with better gas mileage. Since the amount of exhaust gases will decrease, your car's performance will be at its best. You will need to jack up your vehicle and remove the existing exhaust by removing the clamp that connects it to the catalytic converter.

After it is removed from the brackets that hold it in place, you will be able to swap it out for the new one. The new pipes can be bolted directly to the manifolds. In order to purchase the proper pipes, visit an auto parts supplier and provide them with information about the type of car that you own. 

Feel The Power

Take your car for a test drive to see how much better it is performing. Add some racing stripes or a new paint job to your car to enhance how it looks. Also, consider purchasing some shiny, new rims. Little by little, your car will transform into the powerful machine that you have always wanted and you will enjoy feeling the power while on the road.

To learn more, contact a company like Auto & Truck Used Parts with any questions or concerns you have.