3 Types Of Auto Body Repair You Should Never Handle On Your Own

Posted on: 19 January 2015


If your car has been severely damaged in an accident, you would do well to always bring it to an auto body repair shop like Wasatch Body Shop, Inc. This is so that the job can be done right and your car can look as good as new, but also so that it can be safe for you to drive again. You may not think of your car's body as being involved with your safety when you drive, but consider three types of auto body repair you should never handle on your own and why your safety is involved with these repairs.

1. Windshield replacement

A windshield is heavy and difficult to install, but even if you got a friend to help you would still do well to have this work done by a professional. Your airbag sensors work by sensing vibrations along the windshield that signal a crash. If your windshield is loose or doesn't fit properly, your airbags may not activate during a collision and this can increase your risk of serious injury. A professional auto body repair shop will ensure you have the right type of windshield installed and will also ensure it fits and is sealed properly, so that the airbags also work as they should.

2. Bumper repair and replacement

The bumpers of your car protect the car's body from severe damage during a collision but they also work to protect the passengers in the cab of the car. A bumper's design is meant to absorb the impact of a collision and spread it along its length so that less of that impact reaches the cab of the car.

A poor repair job to a bumper that leaves dents and dings can mean that it doesn't absorb any of that impact, and if a bumper is not replaced properly, it can simply fall off in an accident. In both cases the passengers of the car are at risk for great injury, even if the impact of an accident isn't very severe.

3. Brake light replacement

Your brake lights are vital for your own safety since they signal cars behind you that you're reducing your speed, and trying to replace them after an accident yourself can put you at risk. It's easy to think that you can simply slide in a new light and plastic covering and connect the wiring, but if the connection or fit is poor, your brake lights can easily fail when on the road. Installing the wrong type of bulb can also mean they're too dim to be seen in the darkness or bright sunlight and again, your safety is at risk. Have a professional repair person handle this work instead.