Three Creative Uses For Truck Shells That Will Help You Sell Off Your Inventory

Posted on: 10 June 2015


Finding that you have too many truck shells in your inventory is a problem. Finding that the truck shell inventory you have is comprised of truck shells nobody wants means you have to get creative in order to sell them. Here are two creative uses for truck shells that will sell.

Kids' Climbing Equipment

If you have ever witnessed a kid trying to climb all over a car or bounce on its hood, then you already know this idea could be big. You would need to sand down any sharp edges, but a truck shell makes a great climber and imaginative play tool. Kids get the real deal--an actual truck body they can pretend with and explore without an adult yelling at them to get down. If the truck shells also have doors, you can choose to weld them shut or allow them to open and close. (Be sure to offer this option to a consumer, who might not like the idea of kids opening and closing truck doors during play and may want them permanently open or permanently closed for safety reasons.)

Unique Covered Sandbox

Imagine a sandbox that is housed inside one of your truck shells. The sand would remain mostly dry under the cover of the truck shell, and so would the children who played inside. Kids could spend hours outside playing under the cover of the truck shell-covered sandbox. Plus, the truck shell would be large enough to house a very big sandbox and lots of kids could all play together at the same time without anyone arguing and fighting over who could play in the sand next.

Metal "Tents"

If you can cover a sandbox, you can create a metal "tent" with a truck shell too. With the open window spaces, you could get more than enough fresh air but still remain protected from any unexpected elements. You cannot say that about the standard tent, with or without a rain cover. It may not be the best idea for kids, but it would not be so bad for adults.

Coming up with More Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Truck Shell Inventory

If you cannot think of any ideas unrelated to automotive use, ask your employees to brainstorm and think of different uses for the shells you cannot sell. You may be more surprised than you were when you read about the previously mentioned ideas for truck shells. In addition to creative marketing, you and your employees might have a lot of fun with this endeavor.

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