Ignoring Auto Body Damage Could Cost More Than Repairs

Posted on: 15 July 2015


Being involved in an accident on the road or even a fender-bender in the parking lot can do some ugly damage to your car. Crushed bumpers, dents in the sides or other damage may seem like a purely visual problem, but the once sleek and shiny design of your vehicle isn't for eye appeal alone. Before driving on for years without fixing dents, think about a few ways that the damage could be sapping more costs from your wallet or leading to even worse damage.

Watch The Gas Prices And Your Gas Pump

Vehicles are designed to be aerodynamic. This means that as you drive, your car slices through the wind like a wedge instead of blocking the wind like a wide, flat surface. The aerodynamic design isn't limited to the general shape of the vehicle or front-facing components; different shapes across the entire vehicle are designed to guide wind from all directions around the vehicle.

When your vehicle has auto body damage, the original shape and aerodynamic profile (the estimated amount of wind resistance or drag reduction) changes. It's hard to know exactly how it changes, but there's a good chance that your vehicle has to work harder to move forward.

An engine that works harder is an engine that has to consume more gas. With rising gas prices, you could be spending more money every time you press the gas pedal with auto body damage. Get it fixed before the added cost becomes more expensive than auto body repairs.

Shaking And Vibrating Can Lead To Faster Wear And Tear

Related to the wind aerodynamic issue is the way that some car parts act when damaged. There could be some auto body panels or exposed components that move a lot when exposed to the wind.

If the part is loose, accelerating could make the shaking more violent and lead to parts tearing off. Some vibrations could even cause your car to slightly move from side to side depending on where the damage is, which puts additional stress on the vehicle as a whole.

If the damage causes your vehicle to shake, there's tire and suspension damage to worry about. Just like a car that does a lot of off-road driving, your vehicle needs more maintenance to deal with the extra stress. Before something breaks due to shaking, contact an auto body and collision specialist to get repairs or replacements for a smooth ride once again.

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