Is A Certified Used Car Equivalent To Brand New?

Posted on: 24 July 2015


If you're considering purchasing a certified used car in order to save money, then you may be wondering if you're making a good decision. While a certified used car is likely significantly less expensive than a new one, depending on the make, model and other aspects, can it really be considered to be equivalent to brand new? Here are specifics to take into consideration in order to better answer your question:

How old is your certified used car?

If you opt to purchase a used car that is several years old, then you could be missing out on certain technological advancements that could keep you and others safe. One of these safety features is a backup camera.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA,) cars manufactured in or after 2018 will be required to come equipped with this backup camera technology. By making these cameras mandatory, the administration is attempting to minimize the amount of accidents that occur while backing up.

Even though new cars will not be required to have this technology until 2018, increasing amounts of current models contain these innovative new cameras already. As of 2014, when backup cameras were introduced, approximately 46% of new vehicles contained these cameras. There are other safety features that only newer vehicles have, such as pre-collision systems that can alert you of a possible impending accident, as well as automatic breaking systems.

Lemon law

The Lemon law varies from state to state, but in many states a "lemon" is a vehicle that is 1 year old or less, and despite making multiple repairs, the vehicle fails to run as it should. The car must also be under warranty, in most states. This law exists in order to protect consumers from being stuck with vehicles that were purchased in good faith, but fail to operate as intended. If a vehicle is considered to be a lemon according to state law, then the state will assist you with getting your money back, or at the very least, ensuring that the car is properly repaired or replaced.  However, if you purchase a certified used car that is older than one year, then, should your vehicle encounter multiple mechanical problems, your state will not advocate for you.

While, in some cases, purchasing a certified used car can be similar to purchasing a new one, it isn't necessarily equivalent. However, certified used car sellers can often ensure that the car you choose is safe and dependable, if you opt to go this route. Just because a used car isn't equivalent to a new one doesn't mean it can't be an attractive and reliable source of transportation for you. For more information about used cars in your area, contact a company like U Pick U Save.