Caring For Your Aluminum Flatbed To Keep It Looking Like New

Posted on: 3 January 2017


If you just purchased a pickup truck with an aluminum flatbed, you are most likely enjoying the convenience it provides in being able to make hauls with a sturdy base to hold them. It is important to take the time to care for aluminum properly so it does not suffer from premature wear or damage. Here are some steps you can take to maintain the original appearance of your truck's aluminum bed for as long as possible.

Consider Getting A Bed Liner To Protect The Aluminum

It is a good idea to use a liner over the aluminum to help keep it from becoming scratched when placing items inside or taking items out of your truck. This will provide a barrier between potentially harmful items and the metal. Consider taking the truck to a professional liner installation service or use spray foam to do the job on your own. In a pinch, a carpet remnant can be used to protect the aluminum truck bed from becoming marred.

Clean The Aluminum Appropriately To Keep It Looking Like New

You will need to clean your aluminum flatbed often to keep it from becoming grungy or dull in appearance. This will also eliminate particulates that could cause scratching of the aluminum. Rinse your truck bed with a garden hose to remove any loose pieces of debris before scrubbing down the bed with a mild detergent. Use a non-abrasive sponge to apply the detergent. Rinse well with a garden hose when you have completed the job.

Add A Layer Of Protection To Help Battle Oxidation

When aluminum is kept outdoors for an extended time period, it will become oxidized. This will make it lackluster in appearance and often makes a vehicle look older. To keep this from happening to your truck, add a layer of protection to the metal so the air is not directly touching it. A polish for aluminum truck beds and other aluminum vehicle parts can be purchased from a local auto supply store. This is applied using a soft piece of microfiber cloth or a buffing pad. Use a circular motion to apply the agent so it does not leave streak marks behind. If you do not wish to apply this agent often, you can add a coating of paint to your aluminum truck bed instead. Consider using a clear coat if you wish to retain the aluminum's original shiny appearance.

For more information and options, talk with professional auto and aluminum repair companies, like Exoticar Paintworks Inc.